Bridging Web3 & Traditional Financial Institutions


Build your fintech product with our fully secure and compliant API-powered technologies, bridging the gap between traditional finance and Web3.0.


Interact & engage safely with cutting-edge fintech. Develop your digital product, deploy your use case, and bring your vision to life. Our regulated financial technology infrastructure is built to deploy various use cases.

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Access the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and leading liquidity providers in all safety with our one-stop API integrated solution.


We source any digital asset and combine them in one fully secured platform, where all parties meet compliance regulatory requirements. Connect with the reliable finance protocols of your choice.


Operate intense liquidity with our robust, stable, institution-level APIs that integrate with high-volume secure trading platforms.

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Stay decentralized while enjoying regulation-sensitive banking abilities

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Get banked. Stay decentralized

Open up a bank account for your DAO.  Get you and your members a crypto card with its own IBAN.  Customize it fully to your own branding, logo, and mission statement

Your Digital Assets a Swipe Away

Receive, pay, and transfer EUR and GBP, seamlessly. Manage it together with your digital assets in our multi-currency wallet. Integrate fiat into your ecosystem and native token via our on-ramp direct debit

Regulations & Compliance made easy

Don’t let compliance issues negatively impact your business Focus on your business as we take care of the key to scaling—regulatory requirements.

Crypto Asset Custody as a service

Offer proof of ownership and custody to your users with our industry-leading robust AML and security standards. Maintain resilient AUM and issue proof of reserves against an aggregate of your DAO’s assets

Zillionaire: Modern-day private
banking alternative.

Zillionaires are Gen Zs and Millenials who believe it’s not about how much money you make or have. It’s about the impact you make with it. And we believe that too.

Our mission - Easy Banking for Gen Z


Get access to Zillion’s reliable platform redefining how you see and spend money for the better.


Convert, collect and secure EUR, GBP and digital assets seamlessly.


Get the ability to preserve, accumulate and distribute your wealth and spend it on particular services catering to your lifestyle.

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Zillion Corporate

Zillionaire corporate banking brings avant-garde solutions to startups and innovative companies.