Risk Disclosure Policy

CryptalDash (“we”, “us”, or “our”) provides this risk disclosure statement to customers (“you”, “your”, “client”, or “user”) of The CryptalDash Exchange (the “Exchange”, “trading platform”, or “platform”) regarding the nature and risks of trading, holding, and other applicable activities related to cryptocurrencies (“digital currencies”, “coins”, or “tokens”) in our platform. 

The customer understands, acknowledges, and agrees to the risks, as follows. 

Regulatory Framework

The Exchange is incorporated in Gibraltar whose regulations apply to this risk disclosure statement. 


Trading or holding cryptocurrencies have inherent risks. This risk disclosure statement does not enumerate all these risks. Relevant risks are as follows:


Cryptocurrencies are complex. They have their own terminology, usage, and protocol. Due diligence is advised when engaged in buying, selling, or trading cryptocurrencies.  


The prices of cryptocurrencies can move up and down, as set by intervening market forces. They could lose their value in part or in its entirety. Shorting or holding cryptocurrencies does not guarantee profits.


Trading is speculative and risky. The act of buying or selling cryptocurrencies carries risks resulting in gains or losses. There is no guarantee of profit. Money put in trading cryptocurrencies should only be what one can afford to lose.


Cryptocurrency markets are volatile and can fluctuate. Cryptocurrencies and their markets are relatively new. The prices of cryptocurrencies are buoyed by events such as market sentiments and perceptions beyond the Exchange’s control.


Listing does not guarantee cryptocurrency activity. Each cryptocurrency has varying liquidity and volatility. The Exchange makes no guarantees, warranties, and representations that a listed cryptocurrency has an active market and that it will remain available for trading in the future. The Exchange has the discretion and authority to delist coins or tokens. 


Prices on the Exchange can vary from other cryptocurrency trading platforms. The selling or buying prices are based on the trading activity in the platform.


The legality of cryptocurrencies varies by country or territory. You are advised to know and understand how owning cryptocurrencies is treated for tax purposes, regulated, and addressed in your country’s laws.


There are inherent risks associated with using the Exchange, including but not limited to technical risks, losses, and security breaches. Customers are encouraged to know these risks when placing deposits in third-party platforms.

                                                   Last Updated: June, 2021.

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